Diptychs and Triptychs




    These Diptychs and Triptychs are a way for me to tell a story through pictures and words. Neither gives a full account. Rather, the viewer is asked to read the words and view the painting and, through the impressions felt, understand the emotions and the message, the “story”.

So Many People Diptych
“So Many People”, watercolor on paper, 22″ x “48”


Hold! Diptych
“Hold!”, watercolor on paper, 30″ x 42″


I Sewed My Eyes Shut Diptych
“I Sewed My Eyes Shut”, watercolor on paper, 30″ x 42″


A Piece of Me Diptych
“APiece of Me Has Fallen Off”, watercolor on paper 30″ x 45″


Life Is Hell Triptych website
“Life is Hell”, watercolor on paper, 30″ x 60″


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