“Stranger” is the term used for a convert in Judaism. This series is large, with over 25 drawings and accompanying writings and tells the story of a journey into and through the traditional Jewish world. However, it tells a more universal story, that of the individual seeking a higher path, a connection with the Creator, but needing to reconcile the ideal with the realities of human communities, with human frailties. Some pieces speak of that longing to grow spiritually, to reach the heavens, so to speak. Other pieces tell a specific story of a specific woman’s journey.

Each unit is a drawing and a bit of writing. A friend called this a “graphic poem” and I think that is fitting. All work Copyright: Giliah LItwack

Here are a few examples of the artwork:

 All That Has Been Given Website ImageMikvah Website imageCling to Me Website Image

The Portrait Website imageMy SMall prayers 2 website image




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